Month: November 2016

Life is a struggle

No? You don’t think so?

Well, at least for me, it is. 

I struggle to sleep every single night. It is seriously taking a toll on me. Maybe because I had too much caffeine during the day. Maybe I should get myself checked for insomnia. But every night after we put the boys to sleep, when there is peace and quiet in this small little place we call home, i get my ME time, OUR time. I’ve got so many things going on, like, i get to do some kindle reading, on line shopping, face booking, instagramming, and what we love most besides getting WE time, we really get to do some serious television.

Speaking of which, we are currently on ‘Orange is the new black’. I have to say that we are criminally addicted to the brilliant show. Combining marvellous script, strong wonderful multi talented cast, suspense, dark humour and comedy, nobody above the legal age should miss this. It’s a daily night date with superb acting Taylor Schilling, the gorgeous Laura Prepon, the divalicious Laverne Cox and “Crazy eyes” Uzo Aduba(I cannot un see her doing her character, it’s disturbing!)

I  struggle every morning just to start my never ending daily routine as i truly want to sleep in just a little bit longer, just a bit more, please… I struggle to settle the boys, the cats, the evil house chores. Istruggle not to snack although that buttery cheese biscuits are staring back at me as though wanting me to bite into them so they can do what they do best, melt in my mouth and add those unwanted calories which will end up somewhere at my rear end. I struggle to do my yoga even though its just about 200meters away from my house coz i get lazy and all i want to do is sit on the couch and stay comatose forever.

I know I probably should stop complaining, suck it up and go through with it, but hey, i am only human. A strange human, with strange human emotions that confuses the shit out of me. After all…