Sugar Lips

We decided to have a taste of their sweet list. For those who are not familiar, Sugar Lips is a dessert cafe that is located at Orchard Gateway which had recently opened for business. The directions to get there will be provided later on in this post.

The uniqueness of the cafe lies in the colorful creative interior which provides a cool and chic environment to chill and relax in.


Goofing around with the props provided while waiting for our orders.

Getting our seats was fairly easy probably because it was near closing time and it was less crowded. Since it was our first time, we requested for a staff to explain and go through the ordering process. The menu is laminated so all you will need to do is mark down whatever you want on the menu itself, pass it to the counter staff and immediately make payment after ordering. It is actually very convenient.

We got our latte served before the waffles. Latte was lukewarm, not hot and quite quickly turned cold by the time we got the rest of our orders.


Bam! Our chocolate waffles! 


With the sexy salted caramel ice cream.

Our dessert was so attractive. Just look at the colors! The chocolate waffles were good but the marshmallows, those little bits of chocolate and biscuits were rather boring. I think you can get them from almost any provision shop. I kid you not. And the single scoop ice cream was definitely not enough to go with the waffles. We prefer our waffles wet and sloppy with all the sauces dripping everywhere.

Thumbs up for the creative ideas on the interior decoration and beautiful food presentation. The staffs were also friendly and warm. However, not really too impressed with pricing and size servings.

How to get there:

277 Orchard Road, #02-01, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 2338858.

Opening time: 1100hrs – 2200hrs daily

Contact Number: +65 63866387

Easiest way to get there is via MRT to Somerset Station. Try Google map.

Find them on: Facebook Sugar Lips

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