We will try our best to catch up on some movies with the boys at home on most of our weekend nights. But of course, that depends if they are child friendly or not. Any movies rating 6 and above is a go for me. Worth watching!

We decided on Snowden.


Actual movie poster courtesy of The Daily Rotation

Snowden was rated 7.4/10 on IMDb and received 62℅ from rotten tomatoes.

Fantastic cast: 

  • Joseph Gorden Levitt (Edward Snowden)
  • Shailene Woodley (Lindsay Mills)
  • Zachary Quinto
  • Scott Eastwood
  • Melissa Leo
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Tom Wilkinson

And the list goes on…

Based on a true story, Snowden is a political thriller where Edward Snowden who works for the government exposed shocking illegal surveillance activities by the NSA. He became one of the most wanted man in the world.

Well, I think, he is definitely a Hero. Sacrificing himself to expose the NSA and for being human. Imagine if the government has some ways of watching every single move you make through your IT devices such as your computers, your laptops, your mobile phone – watching you eat, sleep, talk, undress and doing your daily living activities, it is truly crazy! You are being compound, your life will be so messed up, it is as good as you are dead. It is frightening!

I wished there were more fun elements to the show to keep us on our toes. Nonetheless, I love the versatile Joseph Gordon Levitt doing his smart witty character. There were something about his eyes that probably shows the most emotions.

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