We Bare Bears


Picture courtesy of webarebears.wikia.

We Bare Bears received 8.1/10 on IMDB and 7.5/10 on TV.com

Series cast: 

  • Demetri Martin as Ice Bear
  • Eric Edelstein as Grizzly
  • Bobby Moynihan as Panda

We Bare Bears is an American animated television series created by Daniel Chong which is aired several times a day on the Cartoon Network.

We Bare Bears has gotten us hooked on the awesome heartwarming adventure of three brothers who tries to fit into a civilised society. They have a lot to learn about the super advanced technologically world, most of the time getting themselves into some sort of chaos while trying to do something useful or good but they kept on proving to us over and over again that no matter how different their personalities are, as siblings, they are always stronger together then they are individually.

The show content is good for everyone of all ages. But parents, watch this with your little ones so that they have a better view and understanding about the good and bad of having siblings, how you generalise about today’s society and its population and why it is always important to be sensitive to others.

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