Let’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes

Woo Hoo! I finally got my hands on this most lovely and cutest thing ever!


These wonderful mini long lasting liquid lipsticks, which is probably about the size of your thumb, are so HOT!!!

They smoothly glide on your lips, provides a matte finish as how it was promised and the pigmentation is really good. I only applied one application and it lasted for quite awhile. Surprisingly, it didn’t wear off even when I had coffee in it! They are definitely not too thick nor heavy and also obviously not too drying at all as my lips didn’t crack. The sweet minty vanilla scent is so irresistible. I think I’m obsessed and completely in love with it!!! I’m sorry but this is better on me than Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick.

Girls, this miniature set is a must have. If you want to save some money and try different shades like nude, red or pink, well, there you go. You can pack them easily in your purse for a date night too. I am not saying it is going to work on you but it is worth a try. You will never know, you might just find a perfect match for you lips.

You can get them through Amazon, Ebay, any online beauty websites or just simply by visiting Sephora outlets near you.

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