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7 July 2017

We had a go at Seven7h Cucina on 7th July 2017. It is not always that you get an affordable halal Italian restaurant in Singapore. 

I actually loved the laid back concept of the restaurant. We chose an outdoor seat so we could chill with the music which was playing in the nearby bar. 

While we couldn’t wait to stuff our faces, we had our must have mocktail “Perawan Mojito” and Cold Flava Latte first. 

Since I’m a huge potato lover, we had Tartufo Fries as our side (shoestring fries with white truffle oil, grated parmesan cheese and coriander). The cheese was shredded so finely it made the dish taste so heavenly! 

My main dish was Carbonara, filled with cheese, turkey bacon and 64 degrees poached eggs (I’m an egg lover too!). Although I prefer my gravy to be a little thicker, the egg yolk was runny (in a good way of course) and made the dish simply delicious. The portion size is perfect for one. I actually finished my food for the first time!!! 

Bug (men gotta have their meat 😜) decided on Pizza Berg. Came served with truffle fries and side salad. He went with Angus beef, caramelised with onions, red chilies, pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese, stuffed into pizza dough. Definitely not the dripping wet kinda burger he likes but the Pizza Berg was awesome nonetheless. 


We will love to come back to try some others on the menu. A plus for us as it is so near home. 


Simply Wrapp

img_20170304_105212_236.jpgAmazing Thailand $10.90

It was Simply Wrapps for dinner last night. Recently went Halal, we couldn’t wait to grab some. Being 10mins away, Ion Orchard which is located at #B4-20 was the nearest for us.

Since it was our first time, we had one of the chef’s creation. You can actually come up with your own delish invention from the wide spread of healthy ingredients.

If you love clean eating, I prefer mine dripping wet tho, Simply Wrapps are amazing! I have to warn you though, the wraps are huge! We shared one and still got to bring home some! Definitely worth the price.

For more information:



The Mad Sailors


Bug decided to take me to my favourite place in Singapore (Arab Street) since I was in PMS mode. I wanted to have fried western food so Bug suggested we go for a good ol’ English meal. So we decided to have a go at The Mad Sailors.


Picture courtesy of

The Mad Sailors is located right smack in the middle of Haji Lane. The cool contemporary cafe is decorated with padded sofa benches, wooden tables and floorboards, books, posters and dim warm lighting which makes you feel so welcomed and at home. We were greeted by a sweet lady who I think really loves what she’s doing. She was all smiles and warm which gave her customer service a plus. The cafe was almost full downstairs but we were too lazy to go up to the 2nd floor which we were told by the way, was more cool for the hot weather and there were also more seats. We decided to get a small little corner seat by the window. We truly enjoyed the ambience.

Our food took awhile to arrive, which we didn’t mind at all. We were so entertained with the atmosphere in the cafe, people watching and we had our kiwi-lime and mint drink that came in this cute green bottle.


I wished I had brought the green bottle home. Imported directly from the United Kingdom! Kiwi, Lime & Mint at $6.50


Beautiful Golden Fish & Chips $20.00

So it was Haddock Fish & Chips in housemade batter served with fresh slaw for us. This is sooo good! The best Fish and Chips we’ve set our tastebuds on! I promise you! The fish was fresh, and although the serving doesn’t look that huge a portion, the fish was really meaty! And yummy!


Amazingly wicked Fried Mars Bars with Ice Cream $14.00

This one up here is definitely a sugar rush goodness. Not for the faint hearted. You’ve got to be all crazy for sweet sugarly desserts to go for this. It’s simply delish! Cool on the outside, battered warm and caramelized mars bars on the inside. I couldn’t finish this on my own no matter how much I love desserts. The serving was huge! We love this. Really packing on the calorie.


Yummy – Yums Yums!!!

It was one of the best food adventure we had this year… Well, we are still in the month of January. We love the atmosphere in the cafe, the food was great, pricing goes well with the food, service was wonderful! Yes, we will return again for sure! Gosh, I miss the haddock fish and chips already!

Check them out at:

How to get there:

24 Haji Lane

Singapore 189217

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday – 1100hrs to 2200hrs

Friday – 1100hrs to 2300hrs

Saturday and Sunday – 1000hrs to 2300hrs


+65 82482853

Please make a reservation for a table to avoid disappointment

Working Title – Burger Bar

One of the things I enjoy most is trying out new places that serves good food and provides a cool place to chill in. Bug decided to take me to the famous Burger Bar in Singapore.

Working Title is one of the cool cafes situated along the stretch of eateries at Arab Street (full address can be found at the end of this post).  The hipster-styled interior sure does its job in making you feel really comfortable. Although the lighting was rather dim which made it really hard for us to get good photos of the food as you get shadows at almost every angle, they make you feel really relaxed and all you wanna do is get your food and drinks and unwind after a long day.


Flat white $5.00 & Ice Hazelnut Latte $5.00 + $1.00 (Ice) + $1.00 (Hazelnut syrup)

Although Bug thought he had better Flat Whites before, I actually liked the Hazelnut Latte. It was easy for me to swallow considering I was still recovering from a bad throat infection. I had one of the staff to add more ice in mine as I like it really cold.


Mid wings that are really crispy! Love it! $11.00


Hawaii Five – O served with fries $20.00 

Oh my gosh! Just look at that! This is a double chicken katsu topped with pineapple slice (I had mine removed – not really a fan and they did not reduce the price for me, unlike the ice hazelnut latte which i had to add more cost for the ice and syrup) , mild cheddar, fresh slaw and turkey ham with teriyaki in a toasted brioche. Although I wished it was more wet and sloppy, it tasted quite good actually. 


Baconator served with fries $20.00

This is how Baconator looks like after you dissect it into a quarter. Grilled beef patty and crispy turkey bacon topped with mild cheddar, caramelized onions, fresh slaw and tomatoes with garlic mayonnaise in a toasted brioche served with crispy fries. Bug thought it was rather dry but the patty will definitely fill your hungry tummies!


Fries that was served with the burgers

Here’s the thing. I love my fries. I can have them like anywhere, anytime or anyday for any occasion. In fact, I love my potatoes or chips or whatever you call them. So this one up here is nothing to die for. Did not really impressed me much. It was just plain for me.

Working title – Burger Bar is rather costly. Nice environment, not much service, and food was just alright for us.

Check them out at

How to get there:

48 Arab Street Singapore 199745

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday – 1100hrs to 2200hrs

Friday – 1100hrs to 2300hrs

Saturday and Sunday – 1000hrs to 2300hrs


+65 82482841

Let’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes

Woo Hoo! I finally got my hands on this most lovely and cutest thing ever!


These wonderful mini long lasting liquid lipsticks, which is probably about the size of your thumb, are so HOT!!!

They smoothly glide on your lips, provides a matte finish as how it was promised and the pigmentation is really good. I only applied one application and it lasted for quite awhile. Surprisingly, it didn’t wear off even when I had coffee in it! They are definitely not too thick nor heavy and also obviously not too drying at all as my lips didn’t crack. The sweet minty vanilla scent is so irresistible. I think I’m obsessed and completely in love with it!!! I’m sorry but this is better on me than Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick.

Girls, this miniature set is a must have. If you want to save some money and try different shades like nude, red or pink, well, there you go. You can pack them easily in your purse for a date night too. I am not saying it is going to work on you but it is worth a try. You will never know, you might just find a perfect match for you lips.

You can get them through Amazon, Ebay, any online beauty websites or just simply by visiting Sephora outlets near you.

Sugar Lips

We decided to have a taste of their sweet list. For those who are not familiar, Sugar Lips is a dessert cafe that is located at Orchard Gateway which had recently opened for business. The directions to get there will be provided later on in this post.

The uniqueness of the cafe lies in the colorful creative interior which provides a cool and chic environment to chill and relax in.


Goofing around with the props provided while waiting for our orders.

Getting our seats was fairly easy probably because it was near closing time and it was less crowded. Since it was our first time, we requested for a staff to explain and go through the ordering process. The menu is laminated so all you will need to do is mark down whatever you want on the menu itself, pass it to the counter staff and immediately make payment after ordering. It is actually very convenient.

We got our latte served before the waffles. Latte was lukewarm, not hot and quite quickly turned cold by the time we got the rest of our orders.


Bam! Our chocolate waffles! 


With the sexy salted caramel ice cream.

Our dessert was so attractive. Just look at the colors! The chocolate waffles were good but the marshmallows, those little bits of chocolate and biscuits were rather boring. I think you can get them from almost any provision shop. I kid you not. And the single scoop ice cream was definitely not enough to go with the waffles. We prefer our waffles wet and sloppy with all the sauces dripping everywhere.

Thumbs up for the creative ideas on the interior decoration and beautiful food presentation. The staffs were also friendly and warm. However, not really too impressed with pricing and size servings.

How to get there:

277 Orchard Road, #02-01, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 2338858.

Opening time: 1100hrs – 2200hrs daily

Contact Number: +65 63866387

Easiest way to get there is via MRT to Somerset Station. Try Google map.

Find them on: Facebook Sugar Lips