Bloging for kids

I am thinking about getting my boys to start writing.

My first boy is an introvert who doesn’t have much friends. Doesn’t enjoy reading, in fact, he doesn’t read at all unless it’s a Marvel comic or Mr MidNight and friends. Summarizes things he reads into different news altogether. Has a bad sense of written English. Proud to call himself a gamer (which he happily spends hours doing if we don’t stop him).

My second one is a lot a lot different. Full of himself with a really creative mind. The stories he make up (which are mostly lies) are believable. You will be fooled not once but over and over again.

My last baby who is 6 this year is still a baby… I’ll not include him in.

I really want them to improve on their writing and social skills. Learn more about the computer and IT world. Find answers from reliable sources over the net and not just believe in something because it’s pops out first on your search engine. And most of all, I want them to expand their mind and look at the world from a different perspective.

I’ve thought about online safety for kids and I understand that most blogging site only allows children aged 13 and above to start a site. So, I’ve decided to let them tap on my site for the space they needed. After all, they will need to go through their dad or myself before posting something.





I did it 😉


Almost 20 years ago, I was sponsored to take up a Personal Trainer certification by one of the well established sports organisation. Halfway through it, I underwent some life changing events which somehow got me another calling. Something which I keep close to my heart to this very day, something which I contributed a part of my life returning back to the society. But never once did I forget that “Almost 20 years ago”. So when I had the opportunity to, with all the support I got from the person I trust the most – Dy, I decided to give it another shot. So this morning, I was greeted with something wonderful in the mailbox. Thank you coach Eugene Lee, for leading us through 😉

One of those days…

Where I feel like a total failure.

I failed to smile when I woke up today to greet the boys good morning as I had house chores running through my head.

The little one had been running a temperature since 4 days ago. He had a school trip earlier and I was worried that he will not be okay. I failed to focus on him being happy and excited for the trip as I was more worried of him not getting better, but in actual fact he was.

I failed to keep it cool with the D before he left for work as I felt like he didn’t care enough.

I failed to get some nap as my mind was occupied and I cannot rest.

I baked some vanilla cupcakes which ended up really moist which was not to my liking – of course I failed in that department too.

I failed to show restraint and respect, lack of maturity and started telling the boys off, using my wonderful book of limited vocabulary, if you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, I failed to keep everything to myself. I rather avoid talking about them, after all, D had a long day in the office and I do not want to tire him down with the unnecessary but one of the boys had to do something which triggered me and i revealed everything. What a total failure!

The Fall (TV series)


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Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) was brought in to lead a case following unsolved murders involving young women in Belfast, Ireland, while the killer, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), a married man with two kids was already planning his next kill.

A complex psychological thriller with a shocking ending.

I would rather skip the so much talking (interrogation) part of the show, it was getting a bit boring in season 3 (like as though it was on repeat mode) and I wished it didn’t end the way it did but that’s probably arguable.




Malacca 2017

This is a throwback post to December 2017.

As parents to 3 not-so-little and energetic boys, we decided that our short getaways should be less of a hustle, always eating, fun filled somewhat relaxing kinda trip.

We took a coach from Singapore all the way to Malacca. A total of 4 hours trip with short toilet and refreshment breaks in between. It was a test for the boys as they had never tried the coach on long trips before. But they were excited so it was all good. They slept most of the journey there (I purposely made them go to bed late the night before just to tire them a bit more).

We were not very impressed with our hotel, The Shore Residences (a 4-star hotel) as housekeeping did not do a good job. We had to look for a broom and dustpan (housekeeping did not answer our multiple calls) just to sweep our room clean (it had bits of food here and there and hair all over the floor! Eww!). We only found out later that The Shore Residences is a sub management of The Swiss Garden hotel which is just beside it. They are sharing the 9th floor pool which is super cold even on a hot sunny December! Impossible for any human to spend time appreciating the open high rise view. Totally wasted. But other than that, the location is superb. The famous Jonker Street was just around the corner. We got to a lot of places easily. And if you are not driving in Malacca, Uber or Grab (which was our choice) is the way to go. Don’t fall into the cab scam. The drivers will mark up the travelling prices and they do not do meter charge to the extent of charging per head for the ride. Most of the Uber or Grab drivers are really friendly. Start a conversation with them if they are quiet. They will recommend some places you should go to while you are there. If you are lucky, they will tell you where to get the best Asam Pedas (Spice fish dish) or where you can get the must eat kueh keria (deep fried sweet potato). Anyway, let me share some of the beautiful yummy food pictures we had there.


Thirst quenching mango fizz


Bam! The must eat golden kueh keria! Simply wonderful. We queued 2 hours for these. Soft and smooth. Totally worth it! Oh, we miss you beautiful kerias.


We had this Asam Pedas Sting Ray from a small warong (small family owned cafe) by the road near Hattan Hotel. It was delicious.


Klebang coconut shake. Coconut flesh blended with coconut water together with some ice cubes topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. One of the must have too!


Putu Bamboo Pandan. Steamed rice cake stuffed with palm sugar and steamed in bamboo tubes.


We do not have A&W here in Singapore, so we just had to get some when we saw it at the mall.


Food is affordable in Malaysia. So why not?


Burger Abang Burn. The stall is only opened at night. And it was just opposite our hotel. Convenient calories I would say. Yums!


The only food we had in Jonker Street. The tasty chicken rice balls!

We miss Malacca. It is a beautiful historic place rich with local culture and heritage. People are warm and friendly and it makes our stay so wonderful. Even though the kids did not really get to play around much, they truly enjoyed the trip . We took the trishaw ride with the loud music, managed to snap some photos near the Maritime Museum, got onto the Malacca River cruise at night from just outside our hotel – how cool! where we get to see the the beautiful well lighted Malacca. We would definitely visit Malacca again. So little time, so much to do! Hopefully the boys are bigger and better at walking and spending longer time outside without having to get back to the hotel for a nap every now and then with a better warm pool too.

Favourite Sci-Fi Horror at the moment


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Just completed the 2nd Season of Stranger Things. I am truly fascinated by the casts’ talents. And I am actually referring to the young blood of the show – Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp.

They started when they were barely teenagers and they are now able to pull out wonderful performances just by fighting monsters and Demogorgon.

One of the other reasons why I can relate to the show is how it’s taken out from the 80s nostalgia. The walkie talkies, arcades, big hair, recorders – major throwback!

Anyway, the ending was quite awesome. Don’t mind if there isn’t going to be a season 3. Will definitely miss it. But I do have a few questions about the ending of season 2…

Is the gate closed for good?

Will Eleven lead a ‘normal life’?

What’s next for Kali?

Where in the world is Doctor Brenner?

What is the Mind Flayer’s next move?

For now, I’m going to let the boys enjoy the show…. (I was contemplating on allowing them to watch the not so comfortable love scene though…)