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The First Day of School


The facebook pages and instagram feeds are loaded with pictures of children going back to school. Bug and I decided not to do it this time. The truth is, I don’t really like exposing the boys too much to my kinda social media. I will talk about this next time.

So parents, why do you make it seem so tragic to let go of your children? Even to school? I think modern parenting has gotten some of us confused on the boundaries when it comes to managing our children. Modern parenting is one of the other topics I would like to talk about sometime soon, I hope.

Yes, they are going to go through another phase in life. I totally agree that you need to support your little ones 100%. It is never going to be easy to get rid of the parent attachment we have towards our children but your children need to grow up. Changes like these are important in their milestone. Letting go does not mean we are bad parents. We will have to allow them to grow at some point in life, allow them to find their own way in this world and let them know that we will be there no matter what, if they ever need us. Be happy. You are indeed teaching your little ones something valuable.