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Social Media Detox

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I feel like I have been looking at way too many ridiculous posts online and I just can’t deal with the pressure anymore, which kind of made me stay away from being active on some of the social media platforms. (Phew! It feels good, to finally be able to put those feelings down in words)

Social media is a wonderful thing. It gives us the opportunity to connect with friends and family from all over the world. But, why do we let social media take over our lives?

Some of us have no boundaries on what we share online.

I feel as though these people who publicly share their thoughts, feelings and lives to everyone online are living in a fake world. The need to get bogus followers and the most number of likes are becoming extremely mental. It’s an addiction.

A private life is a happy life. The older I get, the more I am able to appreciate the value of privacy.

Wussup World : )

Hello! I am Eisa, you can call me Eis. I am 11 turning 12 this year. My family and I went to watch ‘Marvels Avengers Infinity War’. It was a long movie but it was worthwhile as I managed to see some of my favourite characters. E.g: Thor, Spiderman, Captain America and Hulk (well hulk not so much). It was awesome but I like Thor the most because he is powerful, strong and persevering (Plus, my mom thinks he’s good looking… hahaha)


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Bloging for kids

I am thinking about getting my boys to start writing.

My first boy is an introvert who doesn’t have much friends. Doesn’t enjoy reading, in fact, he doesn’t read at all unless it’s a Marvel comic or Mr MidNight and friends. Summarizes things he reads into different news altogether. Has a bad sense of written English. Proud to call himself a gamer (which he happily spends hours doing if we don’t stop him).

My second one is a lot a lot different. Full of himself with a really creative mind. The stories he make up (which are mostly lies) are believable. You will be fooled not once but over and over again.

My last baby who is 6 this year is still a baby… I’ll not include him in.

I really want them to improve on their writing and social skills. Learn more about the computer and IT world. Find answers from reliable sources over the net and not just believe in something because it’s pops out first on your search engine. And most of all, I want them to expand their mind and look at the world from a different perspective.

I’ve thought about online safety for kids and I understand that most blogging site only allows children aged 13 and above to start a site. So, I’ve decided to let them tap on my site for the space they needed. After all, they will need to go through their dad or myself before posting something.